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Pharmacy compounding is the art and science of preparing individualised medication for patients. Its practice dates back to the origins of pharmacy, but over the years there has been a steady decline in pharmacist-compounded medication with the increasing use of drug-company manufactured medication. Recently, compounding has experienced a resurgence as modern technology has enabled the pharmacist to prepare dosage forms that are unavailable to drug-company manufacturers eg transdermal creams which use the technology of driving medication through the skin rather than using an oral dose.

There are several reasons why prescriptions may be compounded. For example, if you require an alternative to a manufactured dosage form, alternative dosages to those available commercially (eg omeprazole suspension for children), products that are discontinued or unavailable (eg Cafergot, Ergodryl, Donnalix), bioidentical hormone replacement therapy [hormones that are identical to those naturally occurring in the human body],or if you have allergies to dyes, preservatives or fillers in commercially available medication and we may be able to change the flavour of existing medication.

By working closely with you and your doctor, our pharmacists can provide you with medication to suit your individual needs.

We can even compound medication for your pets with a veterinary prescription.